On This Day… almost into the net

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August 23, 1972: Chicago White Sox first baseman Dick Allen becomes the 4th major league player (joining Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg, and Alex Johnson) to hit a ball into the centerfield stands at Comiskey Park. The 2-run homer off Yankees right hander Lindy McDaniel in the bottom of the 7th inning capped the 5 – 2 win for the Sox and vaulted them into first place.
In 1972 all the White Sox Wednesday games were played during the day. Play-by-play man Harry Caray called these game while sitting in the CF bleachers. The wall was 20 feet high and 445 feet away. Allen’s long drive, estimated at 470 feet just missed Harry and his famous net by just a few rows.
Thanks to White Sox Interactive and Mark Liptak, you can still hear the excitement in Harry’s voice as he calls the play and interviews the kid that got the ball.



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  1. Another titanic blast by dick allen. It often makes we wonder. how a pitcher who throws 100mph and is borderline hall of fame worthy gets in because he’s a power pitcher yet Dick Allen who may be the strongest batter ever and has his some of the longest home runs in the history of the and has hall of fame numbers does not get in. One is rewarded for his power but the other is not.

  2. Somebody help! I remember long ago as a child being at a Sox game with my big brother when Dick Allen homered off the centerfield scoreboard. The scoreboard lights said that Allen was only the third player to do this – the other two being Babe Ruth and Hank Greenberg. Did this really happen or is my memory wrong? If it did happen it would have to been hit way over 500′.

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