On This Day… Mike Coolbaugh

On this day in 2007, Colorado Rockies minor league coach Mike Coolbaugh died on the field after getting struck with a line drive while coaching first base for the Tulsa Drillers. A baseball lifer, Mike bounced around the minors for a decade before reaching the major leagues in 2001 with the Brewers. He played 39 big league games that season and five the next season for the Cardinals. He hit two home runs in 82 major league at-bats.
After clinching the 2007 National League Wild Card playoff berth, the Colorado Rockies voted to award Coolbaugh’s widow a full share of their playoff winnings. The Rockies made it to the World Series, her share ended up being $233,505.18.
After the 2007 season, MLB general managers mandated that base coaches would wear helmets starting in the 2008 season.

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